Al-Anaam Factory for Animal's Production

Al anam Slaughterhouse Project

Al Anam Factory for Animal Production - Qatar, spread across nearly 100,000 square meters of land, has all it takes to be a state of the art facility which would set new benchmarks for quality meat production in authentic Islamic way.

The facilities in this flagship project of Wathnan Holding include separate hangars for fattening animals - sheep, cattle and camel, (14,000sq meters each) a veterinarians office for quality and health control, animal feed facility and recieving area along with the slaughterhouse.

Alanam aims to set high standards in meat quality and hygiene by sourcing animals of good quality breeds, providing them with good quality feeds and by offering friendly environment for the animals.

Fully designed and constructed by Turkish engineers, the slaughterhouse is a combination of energy efficiency and productivity, providing a perfect balance between high quality and attractive prices.

Al Anaam Factory for Animal Production
Bu Fass
Doha - Qatar

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