Wathnan Industries QAR Oil Recycling Refinery Project

In affirmation of Wathnan Holding’s commitments to the growth and development of Qatar’s economy, QAR waste oil recycling refinery project was established in 2016 under Wathnan Industries. Planned to start its operation at the end of 2018, QAR oil recycling project has multiple benefits to Qatar as a country. QAR oil will tackle the waste fossil oils problem in Qatar by recycling and regaining these waste oils for the benefit of both the economy and environment.

Designed and constructed fully by Turkish engineers, the refinery utilizes vacuum distillation method in fossil waste oil recycling. The vacuum distillation method is a well-known practice in waste oil recycling. With its investment budget and applied technology this project has been a pioneer in many aspects in Qatar.

Wathnan Industries
New Industrial Area,
Building No - 18,
Street - 23, zone 81,
Doha Qatar

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